Sportiness And Versatility

  • Speed

    175 Mph

  • Range

    680 Miles

  • Max Load Factors

    +4/-2 g

Power And Reliability

The Blackshape Prime is available with two different engines: the Rotax 912 and the Rotax 914.

The Rotax 912 represent the classic reliability combined with low energy consumption hence ideal for flying long distances.

The Rotax 914 is for those pilots who are considering a boost in the performance, with more power and more uniform performance at different altitudes.


Full Situation Awareness


Blackshape employees the Skyview by Dynon to provide pilots innovative avionics packages that are in line with those found in airliners and business jets.

Dynon Skyview represents the state-of-the-art for light sport planes providing PFD and MFD capabilities in a compact 10” display. It integrates with transponder module and it is available with additional autopilot panels and with backseat display.

Always At Your Side

In creating such a performing aircraft safety must be a top priority.

For Blackshape safety is instilled in every aspect of the design and manufacture. Safety is so important for Blackshape that all the safety features are standard on our aircraft.

Safety is accomplished through incredibly reliable electrical systems, thanks to MIL certified wiring, an advanced breakers system plus temperatures and fuel capacity sensors. In addition the safety features include four points certified safety belts, ballistic parachute and anti-blast fuel tanks.

Take a closer look

Tech Specs

Wing area9,51 m2
Wing span7,94 m
Height overall2,41 m
Length overall7,178 m
Powerplant & Performance
PropellerMTV-33-1-A with Variable Pitch
EngineRotax 912 ULS3Rotax 914 ULS3
Max continuous power100 Hp115 Hp
Cruising Speed VC275 Km/h280 Km/h
Max rate of climb1150 fpm1450 fpm
Stall Speed @Flap LDG65 Km/h
Range @75% MCP1100 km
Endurance @75% MCP4,5 h
Airframe and systems
Fuel TanksAnti Blast 2x33 Lt2x50 Lt
Landing GearTricycle Retractable Electrically Actuated
Ballistic Recovery SystemJunkers
Prop Backseat Control

Optional equipment

Weight and Loads
Max take off weight472,5 kg up to 600 kg
Max baggage weight20 kg
EFIS Display 10"Skyview SV-HDX1100 Touch, Dynon
COM RadioTrig TY91L SV-COM X83 8.33KHz Spacing, Dynon
IntercomSV-INTERCOM-2S, Dynon
Mode S TransponderTY-91 SV-XPNDR-261, Dynon
Backup InstrumentsAnalog Compass/Anemometer/Altimeter
AutopilotServo 2 AXIS SV42, Dynon
Digital Backup InstrumentsAVMAP ULTRA
ELTE04 406 MHz, ACK Technologies
EFIS BackseatSkyview SV-HDX800, Dynon
LDG & Flaps Backseat Control Panel
Certification and Operation
Certification and Operation
Airworthiness CertificateVFR Day and Night

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