FAA Certified Normal Categoty

Power And Agility

  • MAx level speed (sl)

    164 KTAS

  • Endurance

    3.2 Hours

  • Max Load Factors

    +4.4/-2 g

Innovation and Excellence

The Blackshape Gabriél is designed to offer operational flexibility, comfortable crew accomodation and outstanding visibility.

It is equipped with modern glass cockpit environment with dual controls and capable of top performance and flight qualities.

A disruptive two-seat tandem aircraft with outstanding performance and EASA CS-VLA certification.


powerful and modern

Lycoming IO-320-D1B:160 hp (119 kW) at 2700 rpm
Minimum fuel grade:100/130 or 91/96 avgas
Compression ratio:8.50:1

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Tech Specs

Wing area111.0 ft2
Wing span29.53 ft
Height overall8.05 ft
Length overall24.40 ft
Powerplant & Performance
PropellerHartzell Raptor Series Composites
EngineLycoming IO-320-D1B
Horsepower160 Hp
Takeoff Run820 Ft
Takeoff Over 50ft Obstacle1,181 Ft
Max Rate of Climb (MTOW, SL)1,550 fpm
Max Operating Altitude15,000 ft
Max Level Speed (SL)164 KTAS
Landing Groundroll623 ft
Load Factor+4.4 / - 2 g
Max Endurance3.2 h
Certification and Operation
FAA Certified
Airworthiness CertificateVFR Day and Night
MTOW1,874 lbs
Weight and Loads
Max take off weight1874 lbs
Primary Flight DisplayEFD1000 Pro, Aspen / Garmin G3X Touch
Multi Flight DisplayEFD1000, Aspen / Garmin G3X Touch
Engine MonitoringEDM900, J.P. Instruments
NAV1/COM1 GTN650, Garmin
NAV2/COM2 GNC255, Garmin
TransponderGTX335R, Garmin
Audio PanelGMA340, Garmin
AutopilotGFC™ 500 Digital Autopilot, Garmin
ELTE04 406 MHz, ACK Technoligies
Stall Warning
KLR10 Lift Reserve Indicator lbs
Airframe and systems
Fuel TanksAnti Blast 2x Lt
Landing GearElectrically Actuated
Baggage Allowed up to 73 lbs
Differential Brakes
Full Carbon Fiber Structure
Dual Control Stick

Optional equipment

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