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We are flying beyond

Our Values

Blackshape focuses on three fundamental tenants that drive our culture:
PERFORMANCE, QUALITY and SAFETY. These tenants are the backbone of everything we do, every action that we take. We look to outperform ourselves, doing so using the highest quality processes and products, and in the absolut e safest way possible, ensuring not only your well-being when flying, but that of our employees and stakeholders.

We are willing to keep changing the world of leisure aviation and military training, thanks to constant research and innovation.


Our mission

Be it leisure aircraft or hi-tech training systems, Blackshape’s mission is to create the highest quality, best performing and safest aircraft in their class, bar none.


The Passion for Innovation

Part of the industrial holding Angelo Investments, Blackshape provides from preliminary design to production of carbon fiber aircraft, with high expertise in stress analysis, system integration, qualification and certification.

Always reaching the top

Quality is a dominant principal of Blackshape S.p.A, encompassing every single action we take, ensuring that every aircraft that leaves our premises exceeds your expectations. It is exactly that philosophy that drives our unending quest for quality. Our choices in materials, people, process and systems are shaped by our intentions, our efforts and our direction. Therefore the quality in our molds, the avionics, and the advanced security systems, just to name a few, are top rated.



Blackshape uses highest quality prepregs, steel and aluminum in its products.

Prepregs: selected and traced carbon fiber twill and unidirectional tissues constitute the airframe of the Prime, with the highest percentage of composites material in the category.

Steel: Chomoly (CrMo ) 4130 steel, praised for its strength to weight ratio, and is typically used in structural tubing.

Aluminum: Anodized aluminum 7075 used for its high strength to density ratio, ensuring high strength without additional weight.


prepreg carbon fiber


  • Lamination

    Blackshape uses only pre-preg, aeronautical, composite materials stored at controlled temperature.

  • Moulding

    Moulding is done within a clean room with controlled temperature, humidity and air quality.

  • Autoclave curing process

    Our autoclave curing process, the same as large aircraft manufacturers technology, combines the effect of pressure and temperature to increase the performances of main and secondary structures.

  • Assembly

    Assembly of the main frame is done exclusively with aeronautical structural adhesives on a laser referenced (or laser cut) assembly jig with a tolerance of 0.1mm to guarantee perfect symmetry and increased aerodynamic efficiency.



  • – Non-destructive testing

    Blackshape uses only certified materials, and ensures quality of welds, structures, bonding and mechanical assembly using non-destructive testing.

  • – Vibrational tests

    To ensure quality of electrical systems and installations, Blackshape products undergo vibration tests before the products are released to the public.

  • – Process control

    Blackshape’s supply chain, process control and storage areas guarantee the quality of the composite material, while tap-test and thermal inspections verify the quality of the moulding and curing process. Exclusive Carbonal patented carbon-aluminum fittings increase structure strength and easy inspection.

We fly high above four continents

From its incorporation, Blackshape is strongly oriented to achieve higher certification standard in its category. The Prime is certified under the LTF-UL standard by the Deutsche Ultraleichtflugverband e.V. The Prime is also registered as Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplanes (AULA) under the Transport Canada Civil Aviation. These standards represent the state-of-the-art and the most demanding safety criteria to comply with in the UL category. Blackshape is the first manufacturer to certify a top performing aircraft under this category.

Blackshape production conforms to the EN9100 aeronautical standard quality system.

Blackshape is currently following eleven different certification procedures for the UL product and has a VLA version under development with application at EASA and FAA.

Meet our aircrafts

Our company carefully works to create unique designs and characteristics of aircraft. We are proud to present to you two of our aircraft models, which you can buy in stock and also configure as you like.


Blackshape Prime

Experimental Only In United States

Sportiness and versatility

A revolutionary high performance two seater aircraft featuring a full carbon fiber frame. The Prime combines sportiness with versatility creating a flying experience like no other.

  • Speed



  • Range



  • Max Load Factors




Blackshape Gabriél

Power And Agility

The Blackshape Gabriél is designed to offer operational flexibility, comfortable crew accomodation and outstanding visibility. It is equipped with modern glass cockpit environment with dual controls and capable of top performance and flight qualities.

  • MAx Level Speed



  • Endurance



  • Max Load Factors



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